Benefits of using MyStoreMaps

- Let Our Map Increase Sales & Grow Business for You!
- Boost buyer confidence while building seller credibility.
- Give your buyers a fun, and useful tool for their shopping experience
- Get a MyStoreMap in all your auction, BIN, and store style listings!

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      Standard Pricing:

      North America ONLY: $2.95
      World Maps - which include North America
      feedback from 0 to 500 $2.95 per month
      feedback from 501 to 1,500 $3.95 per month
      feedback from 1,501 to 3,000 $4.95 per month
      feedback from 3,001 to 5000 $8.95 per month
      feeback over 5,000 $12.95 per month
      Unlimited eBay auction and store listings!

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      User's reviews:

      • youshopgirlstore

        For the MAP....I personally ship worldwide and I have seen AT LEAST a 50% increase in my worldwide shipments....the moment I saw the map on someone else’s listings I TOTALLY loved it as a customer it's so cool...I really love it....:)

      • gymboreegoddess

        Great way to increase sales & credibility! I use both MyStoreMaps and MyStoreRewards and love them both. MyStoreRewards keeps customers coming back and MyStoreMaps increases credibility to new buyers. Both together are a perfect match for any seller that is serious about their eBay business!

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